Donate Your Unwanted Household Items Today!

Donating to support your local veterans is easy! Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Schedule a Pick-Up
  • Schedule a pick-up on our website.  Click here
  • Pick-ups will take place Monday-Saturday, depending on your location within Westchester County
Step 2: Gather Items to Donate
  • Acceptable donations include:
Clothing (All Sizes) Shoes & Accessories    Miscellaneous
  • All clothing from t-shirts to coats
  • Shoes: Sneakers, Boots, Dress, Heels
  •    Sheets & Bedding
  • Women, Men, Children, Baby
  • Pocketbooks, Purses, Wallets
  •    Drapes, Curtains, Linens
  • Men
  • Hats
  •    Towels 
  • Children
  • Belts
  • Appliances, small only
  •  Baby            
  •  Ties
  • Toys & Stuffed Animals
  •  Winter
  •  Jewelry
  • Kitchenware & Glassware
  •  Spring
  •  Cosmetics
  • Furniture – must be small and usable
  • Summer
  • Scarfs
  • Fall
Step 3: Leave Items for Pick-up
  • Simply leave all items outside your home on the day of the pick-up
  • Clearly mark all bags with “Veterans of Westchester”
Step 4: Fill out Tax Receipt
  •  All items donated to Veterans of Westchester are deductible at Fair Market Value. Please refer to form 8283 on the IRS website, and consult your tax professional for guidance.
Please remember:
  • Our drivers are not permitted to enter any residences. Please place all items outside for pick-up. Thank you.
  • Apartments: We are not permitted to enter buildings. Please place all items outside common door for pick-up.


If you are a local business, place of worship, or property owner and wish to sponsor a bin on behalf of the men and women of the armed services throughout Westchester County, please contact us. We will donate a fixed amount monthly to the veterans on behalf of the bin sponsor.

Sponsoring a bin is a great way to support the veterans. Not only will the bins generate funds to support the veterans, but they will also raise awareness for the veterans’ cause for all passersby. Bins will be cleaned and maintained on a weekly basis.

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